People's digital profiles

for a fair data economy

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Personal data should not only serve the interests of few but of everyone.
By allowing people to create their Digital Profiles and control it, we unlock the value of personal data for both the people and the organisations.

Unlocking the value of personal data

Personal data for good

We believe that personal data can help solving societal issues and allow organisations to innovate only if we act in a people-centric way.

A fair and sustainable data economy

All together and by putting people in the middle of the value chain, we can build a fair and sustainable new data economy for our digital societies that benefits everyone.

People's digital profiles

Controlled by the people

Today, people’s digital profiles containing their habits, tastes, and wills are created and controlled by few organizations upon the data people generate using their services. Allowing people to create and control their own digital profiles enables endless possibilities for everyone.

Innovation enabler

Digital profiles can be used to foster innovation and help tackle major societal issues and challenges. Alone or combined those profiles are a unique source of information providing priceless insights that can be used to improve people’s lives in different fields such as health, consumption, mobility, employability, education and so forth...

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