The time has come to get your personal data back and benefit from it you too


What is Datavillage?

Datavillage allows you to get back the data that belongs to you (Facebook, Google, Spotify, Amazon, …) and benefit from it.


Claim your rights

Your data has value, but when the internet giants sell it to organisations you do never get your cut. On Datavillage, people are gathering in order to get control back over their data and make profit out of it.

You data has value

Most of the organisations want to better understand trends and societies’ evolutions. Your data help them better grasp those changes but as of today, these organisations by this data one to another, and you are not part of this process, Datavillage is the solution to this problem..

Sell your data

Datavillage is the first platform that allows organisations to get temporary access to anonymous data by renting the access directly to the people owning it. Organisation would rather buy data from Datavillage members as being of better quality thanks to the fact they are aggregated with other community members. At last make money and benefit in multiple ways from your data!

How does it work?


Keep on living your life

You create data daily, by browsing the web through Google, socializing through Facebook and Instagram, buying on Amazon or doing sport with Strava and Runtastic. Thanks to your activity captured by your smartphone or computer, you continuously enrich your datasets.


Connect to your community

The Datavillage is organized in communities (interests and locations) which allows to gather your data with other members, precisely categorize it to improve its quality and therefore its value and the benefit you can make out of it.


Claim your data back

Once registered in your community, you’ll be able to get your data back in a single click through connecting to your online accounts (Facebook, Google, Strava, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon among many others) and securely store it.


Get rewarded (money, vouchers, …)

You collect points through offers from organisations which want to get temporary access to your anonymous data. Those points can further be swapped with money or other kind of rewards.

Management of your data

From getting it back to monetizing it, your data remain safe and your exclusive property.


The transfer from your online accounts and the storage of your data is done under strict security rules, that’s the number one priority of Datavillage.


Members’ data is anonymous, there’s no way to link back to a member’s identity from its data, only your profile (age, gender, location, hobbies) is asked in order to improve the quality of your datasets.


When accessed by a buyer, the data from the Datavillage’s members are gathered which strengthen the security and anonymity of your data but also its quality and thus value.


All along the process, your data remains your exclusive property, either the buyers nor the other members of the Datavillage or the people managing the platform have any right on your personal data.

Become a member of the Datavillage

Join your community, claim your data and benefit from it!