We are part of a worldwide movement

of people working on making the internet better and more fair for everyone, answering the call of people craving for more control over one of their most important assets: their personal data.

Our values: put people at the center

We believe data ownership should be a fundamental right for every human. Today, most of the individuals are digitised and produce tons of data on a daily basis but unfortunately do not directly benefit from it. Having a user-centric approach to address the issue related to data ownership could actually not only solve the ongoing fights between data producers (aka the people) and data managers (aka the organisations) but enable endless new opportunities for both people and organisations.

Our mission: bridge two worlds

The internet has we know it has been built in a way that people never have their say when it comes to their own data exploitation. Many initiatives, such as the most notable one called 'Solid' launched by Sir Tim Berners-Lee father of the internet, are emerging today aiming to shift that paradigm. It is fair to say, given the different scandals regarding data management by internet giants, that the way we do manage data today is not sustainable on the long-run and has to be reshaped, thus we are going towards this 'new internet'. However, such a huge shift won't happen overnight and our mission is to look at that this transformation through a user-centric approach, giving the right tools to both the people and organisations to make it a reality in which everyone wins.

Our Commitments

  • Always bring a user-centric approach in everything we are building so the people can really be the true proprietaries of their data.
  • Ease up the relationship between people and organisations when it comes to data management and the outcomes of it.

Our Team

We are a bunch of dedicated people believing that things could work another way but nothing happens without giving the right care to. Based in Belgium, Europe, our team works on building the right tools and the community that will support the vision of a fair internet where everyone could benefit from personal data in the right way.

Quentin Felice

Co-founder and CEO

Frederic Lebeau

Co-founder and CTO

Raphael Dardenne

Early founder and Data Engineer

Souvik Ghosh

Early founder and Data Scientist

Our advisors

Sharing the same values as the team, our advisors comes from various sectors directly impacted by the topic of personal data ownership in the public, private and academia spheres.

Felix Amez

Innovation Director
Accenture BeLux

Mathieu Demaré

Digital Wallonia Champion
Region of Wallonia

Ruben Verborgh

Prof. of Semantic Web Tech.
University of Ghent

John van der Heyden

Open Bank & Innovation
BNP Paribas Fortis

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