People's Digital Profiles

for fairness and innovation

For data consumers For data providers

A people-centric source of insights for data consumers made from the crossing of multiple data providers.

For data consumers

Self-sovereign Digital Profiles are not only a way to empower people, it is also a way for private and public organisations to acquire the customers insights they need in order to innovate while always preserving the privacy rights of the people.

Data consumers can now get access to verified customers information and enrich their knowledge while always remaining fully compliant and respectful of their customers.



For data providers

By allowing people to create their Digital Profiles using their personal data, the data providers enter in the new data economy through a transparent external data valorisation that benefits everyone. 

Not only they play their societal role through empowering their consumers by allowing them to control and port their data, but they also find a way to avoid data dissemination by having a view over data’s usage purposes.


An innovation enabler

People’s Digital Profiles can become the richest source of information ever created and help to solve societal challenges by allowing organisations to collaborate and innovate openly and ethically, in a cross-sectorial way.

Today, those digital profiles are created and locked by few players on the market, unwilling to let people practice their legal rights of data portability over it. Making people self-sovereign of their Digital Profiles and using them in a user-centric way unlocks the true value of personal data.

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