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Spare the hassle of managing personal data across your applications under GDPR by using a personal data platform management.

Use the personal data of your users and their digital profiles in an ethical and compliant way to preserve their privacy rights.

Fetch the Data

Get data from local and global data providers such as banks, telcos, retailers or Google, Facebook, Netflix...

Organise the data

Automatically aggregate and organise the data in knowledge graphs to make it more valuable and easier to process.

Process the data

Query and process knowledge graphs while guaranteeing confidentiality, integrity of data and algorithms.

Create new data

Extract behavioural outputs from your users out of their personal data and create their digital profiles.

Decentralise the data

Newly generated outputs are stored on a "pod" controlled by the user ensuring true decentralisation on users side.

Users control the data

Users keep in control of the personal and generated data all along the lifecycle.

A user-centric personal data management

Out-of-the-box capabilities to use your users' personal data in a compliant way. Personal data is now a commodity you can consume as a service while remaining respectful of your users' rights. Reduce your Data Science, IT and GDPR compliance costs using the platform.

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Developers and Data Scientists can easily manage the entire data lifecycle.

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