External data valorisation

for data providers

Exploit the full potential of your customers' data by facilitating
their Digital Profiles' creation and enrichment.


Empower your consumers

Private and public organisations do not only have the legal obligation to allow their customers’ data portability, they also have a moral duty to empower them though their personal data. By creating and controlling their Digital Profiles, customers are given new ways to benefit from their personal data. Those Digital Profiles are made upon the crossing of multiple sources of personal data they create using organisation’s services. Thus, it is the social responsibility of every organisation to empower their consumers through facilitating the access to their data.

Designed by stories / Freepik
Designed by stories / Freepik



Avoid data dissemination 

Giving the consumers the control over their data may seem risky for most of the organisations. Indeed, once the data is outside the organisation it is extremely difficult to ensure that it is used for purposes that are aligned with the organisations’ values. Digital Profiles are a way for them to make sure that the data they provide is used by their consumers for the right purposes. 


Enter the new data economy 

External data valorisation is a difficult thing for most of the organisations, from a legal perspective and an ethical one. Digital Profiles’ user-centric approach enables inclusive and virtuous ways of collaboration between organisations fostering open innovation. Making consumers sovereign of their Digital Profiles allows the creation of new digital assets that can even become eventually a new source of revenues benefitting effortlessly all the actors of the value chain. If organisations want to avoid to be disrupted within their own industry by new players, they need to understand that they can combine forces through their common consumers’ Digital Profiles.

Designed by stories / Freepik
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